A History of Kolstein Rosins

Samuel Kolstein

Upon analyzing the rosin situation of the modern day violinist, violist, cellist and bassist, it became apparent to Samuel Kolstein, founder of Kolstein Music, Inc and Samuel Kolstein & Son, Ltd. Violinmakers, that the need for consistent rosin specifically formulated for each instrument was greatly needed.

Prior to the development of Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin, rosin was generically made for all instruments with players being forced to use rosins which were not formulated with the individual instrument’s requirements. For that matter, the violin, viola, and cello players were using identical kegs of rosin.

Kolstein spent many arduous hours in the early 1960’s studying chemical analysis books, speaking with head chemical engineers form the leading chemical supply companies and conducting countless hours of experimentation with sample components to create what has evolved into the present level of Kolstein rosins.

Barrie Kolstein

Barrie Kolstein recalls his younger days as a bass student of the famed Bassist Orin O’Brien..leaving to catch a train into New York to take his weekly lesson and having Sam cooling sample rosins in the freezer to get them solid enough for Barrie to bring to Orin to try and give to colleagues in the New York Philharmonic.

These days of perhaps somewhat less than refined rosin making resulted in some amazing feedback from some of the finest violinists, violists, cellists and bassists and supplied a very important direction in the developement of the current Kolstein rosins that are so highly regarded on an international basis.

Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin has corrected this problem so that each string player has the option of having not only their own specifically formulated rosin, but in the case of the cellist, both a normal and slightly tackier medium grade. For the bassist, there is an option of Hard, All-Weather or Soft Grade to accommodate personal preferences. Through much tedious research and experimentation, as a result Kolstein Music has produced the Kolstein Rosins specifically formulated for each instrument and each individual player’s needs.

In producing our Kolstein Rosin line, the most stringent product control exists, entailing:

* Exact measurement of the finest ingredients in strict accordance with the developed formula.

* Pouring into silicon molds to insure uniform hardening and avoid thermal cracking.

* Adhering to a required minimum curing period for pre-determined time.

The packaging design for Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin has been created with the musician’s convenience in mind. For Violin, Viola and Cello grades, the packaging consists of a lint-proof chamois-like material attached to the rosin cake, with a protective removable cap over the rosin which is inserted into an attractive gold foil container large enough to accommodate the rosin, but practically sized to easily fit in any violin, viola and cello case or cover without being cumbersome. The Kolstein Bass Rosin has just gone through a most impressive redesign in packaging. It now is contained in a roll-down silicon cup, allowing the bassist to easily roll down the cup to expose the rosin for application – then allowing the player to roll up the cup to protect the rosin while being stored. It is truly an amazing design, making the Kolstein Bass Rosin even greater and desirable than ever before.

As with all the Kolstein Rosin – Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass, indefinite shelf life exists. This is created by a continual wetting action which causes non-crystallization, allowing for easy-application to the bow and minimum powdering on the strings and instrument while. This also prevents the rosin from drying out with age.

Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin has truly answered the needs of the discriminating player who is striving for a specific formulation of rosin to complement their bow and instrument, offering strong, even adherence, long lasting power, extremely low powdering, combined in a richly textured blend of rosin.

With the disappearance of the fine old rosin makers of past years whose rosins were held in high esteem, and the elevated achievements in playing capabilities, there has been a great need to fulfill the requirements of the more discriminating musician. Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin, the result of over forty years of dedicated research and development for the professional players’ needs, has recognized this void and is supplying the player with a rosin of greater and more even adherence, longer lasting power and superior packaging.

As with all Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin, the musician will attain a rich, tonal quality, unlike other rosins which have a tendency to be gritty and gum up the bow hair in certain geographical and climatic conditions. Custom blending to the requirements of the ultra-professional musician is the key to the success of fine rosins.

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